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About Parenting Age

ParentingAge offers parents and educators solutions and guidance to cope with behavioural problems such as : insolence, lack of cooperation, tantrums, violence, difficulty in accepting refusals, continual crying, and more.

Clients Tell

Dear Shlomit, We want to thank you for the wonderful change you have brought to our home and family.
We were so glad to meet you and discover that there is another way.
Thank you for the guidance, encouragement and attentiveness.
Thank you for teaching us to be better parents and educators.
The Dror Family
Dear Shlmoit,
You came to us with an approach that was so different from what we knew or had heard about to that point. The first meeting with you went on for two hours and immediately we knew that we needed you by our side. You taught us important ways of communicating with Tal and Idan and to be genuinely attentive parents. Now, we realise that it was us who needed attention and not them. Tal and Idan are cooperating with us at present and we have no need to shout or threaten them to do as we ask and for us that is plenty!
We thank you and appreciate the work you have done.
Gili and Omer Katz
I admit that at first I was sceptical and didn’t believe that it was really possible to make a difference in Yaheli’s behaviour. We came to you with one problem but very quickly we realized that we were dealing with additional problems and you took up this project with both hands and put together “a good fit” exactly customised for us!!
Everything seems different today and please allow me to say that it is all thanks to you!
Thank you very much,
Ben Yehuda Family
Dear Shlomit,
I happened to attend your lecture on the subject of “Boundaries in Educating Children” at the “Reut” School in Ramle.
I would like to express my sincere admiration of the way you gave the lecture and stood before the audience that deals exclusively with educating children.
Moreover as a homeroom teacher for many years, I found in your lecture aspects as well as a different and fascinating method which clarified things for me and gave me plenty of food for thought.
I found in the way in which you gave the lecture something refreshing yet professional and fascinating.
I recommend to all those engaged in educating children (parents, teachers or anyone for whom education is part of his life) to attend the lecture.
Well done,
Galit Gabizon